Corporate Events at Raceway Park... Office Parties Will Never be the Same!!

Why not take those office gatherings out of the boardroom and off the golf course and bring them to Raceway Park for a thrilling and exciting day of fun group activities? Face it: Wouldn’t you rather….

  • Suit everyone up for trying his or her hand at kart racing around our famous Road Course?
  • Watch limos get devoured in a monster truck show?
There’s no place we know of that fosters corporate team building in New Jersey like the unique way Raceway Park does. We offer all the amenities you’re used to, like a renowned chef, facility, and staff. If you’re more inclined to get “into the action” yourself, you can choose our Full Tilt kart racing program and have your group receive personalized instruction on kart operation, safety, rules of the road and driver equipment, followed by hands-on experience on the track. You know that co-worker that always seems to edge you out? Well, he or she hasn’t met you on the kart track yet!
Raceway Park currently has over 30 rooms available on site for corporate events, New Jersey Team Building functions, and parties. The rooms hold anywhere from 5 to 100 persons. Events can be held any day of the week, although they are typically scheduled Friday through Sunday to coincide with our featured races. Meal duration may vary upon request, but will generally be maintained by attendants for a 3-hour time frame.
Holding your corporate event at Raceway Park offers the experience of a lifetime for your employees, associates, and group members that are both new to and familiar with world class motocross racing, kart racing and monster truck shows in NJ.

Click here for more information or call 732-786-5413 and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

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